Shipping Policy



Oxus Motors Transport Delivery Location Information

OXUS MOTORS delivers to any residential or business location within the UAE and specific international markets.

  • Europe – Door-to-Door Service: 
  • Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland Republic, Slovakia
  • United Arab Emirates: Door-to-Door Service


For international deliveries: Please be aware that ancillary fees may be charged at the port of entry associated with port storage, duties, taxes or other customs requirements. These ancillary fees are outside of OXUS MOTORS’s control and are mandated by state and federal entities.


For port deliveries: Buyers transporting to a port with a final destination in a country currently not supported by OXUS MOTORS Transport will need to provide OXUS MOTORS Transport a Dock Receipt at the time of order. Dock Receipts should be emailed to


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