Refund and Return


1) Description of Service

‘Oxus Motors’ provides brief explanation of the return and refund policy for you to understand the policy completely before making a decision. 

You understand and agree that the vehicles (cars) are sold (provided) "AS-IS" and that ‘Oxus Motors’ assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience that might or might not acure after the deal. You are responsible for testing, comprehensive checking of the vehicle (car) which may involve third party fees (such as vehicle testing facilities not owner or operated by Oxus Motors). You are responsible for those fees, including those fees associated with the display or delivery. In addition, you must provide and are responsible for all equipment necessary to access the Service.

2) Buyer Aware

‘Oxus Motors’ provides information to each of it's customer about the history of the vehicles (the information which they have in their possession) information being missed out from Oxus Motors does not give the right to the customer to use it a reason to return the vehicle (car). The customer (Buyer) is solely responsible for getting all the information needed before closing the deal. 

3) Closing the deal

‘Oxus Motors’ does not guarantee anything future defects/ defaults in a used vehicle (car) that might arise, the customer has been provided with all the information and test drive along with the time to make decision and proper inspection as needed. One the deal is closed the customer has to make the payment within the given time frame mentioned as due payment date on the invoice, failure to do so will revoke the deal and result in the vehicle (car) being sold to another party (buyer).  

4) Reservation

Oxus Motors has the right to accept down payment as a reservation fee agains a vehicle (car) for which the customer has checked and confirmed to purchase, the down payment being paid means the customer has agreed to all the terms and accept to purchase the vehicle AS IS condition. 

5) Final Payment (Full Payment)

In consideration of your deal, you confirm to purchase  the vehicle and the down payment of full payment against he vehicle confirms the deal. If the the customer make the reservation (down payment) and fails to make the full payment by the due date mentioned on the invoice, Oxus Motors has the right to resell the car to another party and the reservation amount (down payment) is not refundable to the customer under any circumstances. One the customer makes the full payment against the vehicles (car) Purchased, they have to pick up the vehicle immediately upon the agreed time or daily storage charges will apply. 

6) Return or Refund

After the sales transaction is done, either vehicle being picked up or not, the customer has no right to revoke the deal and ask for a return or refund. Oxus Motors under no circumstances will accept the the return. The customer can put the car back on sale with Oxus Motors for which Oxus Motors will charge a consignment fee after that specific vehicle (car) is sold by Oxus Motors to another party and the amount of the sale price minus the consignment fee of Oxus Motors will returned to the seller of the vehicles (car). 

7) Clarification 

Please write us an email for further clarification on the return policy to