Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, almost all our cars comes with 1 year standard warranty which can be extended utpo 5 years. The most common type of warranty our customers go with is 3 years. 

Depends on the type of engine oil you use, the most common ones would be every 10,000 km. 

Most of the new vehicle would come with tyre pressure sensors which alerts the drivers if any of the tyre need to be refiled, if you don’t have that option we would recommend stoping by any gas station and using their tyre pressure gage. 

Again that depends on how you drive, but every 2 to 3 years is advisable. 

A proper cleaning service which is done both from the inside and outside that included exterior polish as well. we recommend taking your car for a complete auto detailing at least once or twice a year.  

Yes, some leaks might not result in vehicle stoping on the road or causing fire but some might, it’s very much recommended to fix any sort of oil leak right away. 

Every country has a standard the the auto manufacturers have to follow if they are selling their cars in that specific country. The American specs cars are made as per the standards set by North American which is clearly very hight as they have made those cars for extreme environments since they have both cold and hot states and cities. 

To avoid collision or even a flat tyre, the tires are the most import part of the car.